4 kinds of elderly need to use canes

- Nov 29, 2017-

Many older people think that they should use canes when they are old, even if their body is still tough. In fact, it is best not to use canes for a healthy elderly person.

4 kinds of elderly need to use canes

1, Elderly had a stroke

Multi feet canes help support the balance function, weight-bearing function and stability of stroke patients. They are suitable for stroke patients who have certain ability to stand and walk, but need to get the balance help while moving. There are three legs canes on the market, four-foot canes, these canes and more supportive wide and good stability, in addition to stroke patients, but also for all which one foot cane is not safe enough for the elderly.

2, Elderly with poor eyesight

Some elderly people may experience visual acuity, blurred vision and other phenomena. When they go out, they can use a walking stick to find out water and obstacles on the road surface in front of them, which helps to ensure the safety of outing activities. These elderly people generally do not have poor grip, upper limb support is not strong, it is recommended to use a single foot cane, the shape of a question mark like a cane. Visual acuity is particularly poor, you can pick a stick body can be luminous at night, can cause other people's attention.

3, Old people with bad joints

For elderly patients with severe osteoporosis and lumbar compression fractures, crutches can reduce the time and effort for lumbar and joint weight-bearing, protect the bones and joints from injury, or reduce joint wear. The best choice is armpit crutches can reduce 80% of the lower body weight. However, the best axillary use of paired, easy to use when there is muscle strength inequality problems. If the user only need a single crutch enough to support, you can replace a single forearm crutches or canes.

4, Elderly with poor balance

Elderly motor function decreased significantly, the balance function weakened, even when standing still easy to shake and fall, crutches can improve on the smaller support surface, the ability to control the body center of gravity, improve the balance of the elderly, you can also compare the crowd Dense place to prevent the person in a hurry walking collision crash. Such elderly people choose axillary crutches or 3 prong cane, 4 prong cane according to their own situation. Easy to fatigue or poor walking ability elderly can choose seat cane, at any time to rest.

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