After toilet block

- Dec 14, 2016-

First, you need to determine whether there are hard blocked sparingly soluble in water, such as sanitary napkins, towels, small bottles, and so on. If this is the case, you must find a special dredge pipeline using special machines to help out.

Second, if the feces hard or paper excessive causing jams occur, then you can try this method:

1, you must have a simple laxative a (that is, on one side is round-headed brush, use a glue stick or an iron rod string things), are sold in supermarkets and small shops.

2, you are ready for a big bucket of water, containing a large amount of water in the toilet.

3, water cannot flow down is because there is an object blocking the toilet to the drain between the locations. So, there is plenty of water in the toilet after you pick up easy catharsis, round brush at the toilet drain, a piston motion (that is, a clogged drain, release), the principle is: the impact on blockage formation to allow water in the toilet. Soon, would be unimpeded.

4, always pour some into the toilet bowl toilet bowl spirit without brush, cover and cover more than 10 minutes. then washed, well a few months.

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