Chair lift measures

- Dec 14, 2016-

First, constantly improve standards. Chair lift safety, existing standards as well as areas in need of improvement, also in the performance and inspection and testing methods to further strengthen. Because of personal safety can in appropriate cases to the relevant standards (or part thereof) by the conversion from voluntary to compulsory, in order to facilitate the promotion and implementation of standards, ensure the safety of consumers. Meanwhile, the formulation and revision of standards should be accelerated, enabling standards to combine better with practice.

Second, to further carry out certification system. Since May 1, 2002, the furniture industry has begun implementation of a certification system, such as: Beijing zhongqing United Certification Center product certification of the implementing rules of the furniture, furniture for "environmental protection product certification", "environmental protection, safety and product certification" and "furniture product quality certification" three kinds of certification, meet the requirements of certification, and be allowed to use the certification mark. Consumers see certification, or see product packaging with an understanding of the certification mark on the product quality can be, do not need to master complex standards and technical requirements. It is regrettable that, environmental certification of lift chairs and other Office furniture, it cannot ensure their safety performance. Further certification system, enhance product quality system quality assurance capacity, is a good thing for consumers and producers.

Third, strict product quality supervision and inspection system. Product quality supervision and inspection, will help law enforcement understand the product quality, and poor quality products, publish test results can also be used as consumer understanding and a reference for select products. Chair lift during the accident, the State can carry out special checks for such products to protect consumers ' personal and property safety and maintain market stability.

Finally, increase the "three noes" efforts to investigate and punish. Statistics show that chair lift accidents are usually the "three noes", namely "no production date, no quality certification (or license), non-factory". Such products are usually of poor quality, in the event of accidents, often unable to find the duty bearers, so that consumer rights are compromised. Quality supervision departments and industrial and commercial administrative departments should step up its efforts, investigation and treatment of "three noes" chair lift to clear these "black sheep".

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