Common Malfunctions of Trekking Pole

- Mar 27, 2018-

1, Rust

When maintaining a trekking pole, a very small amount of rust remover can be used to treat the rust on the surface. However, before use, all the grease on the surface must be removed, it will not affect the trekking pole adjustment lock function. In addition, fine grinding paper can also be used to remove surface rust and keep the trekking pole's locking function unaffected (although it may abrade the indicator scale above the trekking pole), the use of a spin-locked trekking pole may result in The rust-falling powder of the rod falls, blocking the locking grommet and affecting the locking effect. Therefore, the rust in the grommet must be removed during maintenance. Before using them in combination, be sure to confirm that the inside is very Clean, does not contain any rust and grease.

2, Buckle

The locking system of aluminum trekking poles can not be pulled out. You can gently tap the locked area or wet the trekking poles to reduce some friction and then you can unscrew the trekking poles. After unscrewing, be sure to stand upright and allow the water to slowly drain out, and dry the trekking poles for storage.

3, Can not be locked

When the trekking pole is rotated and the grommets in the strut rotate with the struts and cannot be locked, the struts can be disassembled, and then the grommets can be thoroughly cleaned and replaced. If you still can not lock, after the support rod is disassembled, turn the thinner support rod into the grommets to open the grommets, and then insert it into the thicker support rod to adjust to the desired length. Lock it later.

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