Construction of Walking Poles

- Feb 09, 2018-

1, Handle

The handle is usually made of EVA, rubber, cork, plastic and other materials, each with the following characteristics: EVA: comfortable grip, full flexibility, not affected by the season, the material has a sweat-absorbing function;

Rubber: full sense of grip, winter hard and easy to crack, do not have sweat-absorbent function, easy to slip in the summer;

Cork: full sense of grip, not affected by the season, the material has a sweat-absorbing function, easy to wear and tear;

Plastic: poor grip, easy to crack in winter, easy skating in summer, but the cost is low, cheap and convenient.

2, Wrist strap

This is the most important part to consider when buying a trekking pole. Because the altering of the trekking pole and the user's body force is mainly through the wristband, the following characteristics should be considered when selecting a good wrist strap: Narrow on both sides, to prevent the Lever; wrist strap adjustment buckle set in the connection with the trekking pole, not in contact with the hand, to prevent the hand; wrist belt inside the suede anti-friction material to effectively protect the contact with the wristband The skin.

3, Shaft

The material of the shaft is usually aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, wood, steel and the like, among which aluminum alloy and carbon fiber are the most widely used ones, and the following materials have the following characteristics respectively:

Aluminum alloy: durable, low price, weight than carbon fiber and titanium alloy, easy to corrosion;

Carbon fiber: light, elastic and toughness of materials, high strength, corrosion resistance, higher prices;

Titanium: Lightweight, elastic and strong material, corrosion-resistant, high prices.

4, Locking system

The locking system is a core of the walking poles safety components, 90% of the walking poles problems are due to locking system failure caused. Cheap walking poles generally use easy to change the general plastic parts, while the high-end trekking poles are made of high-rigid plastic (crystal), and after precision cutting. Such as the industry-recognized advanced locking system, Black Diamond's self-developed Flicklock joint locking system, Robinson patented SLS second-generation locking system, Wildview's 3LS security locking system.

At the same time, aluminum walking poles will be equipped with a locking system with a suspension system. The shock-absorbing system acts as a spring component to effectively cushion the impact and reduces the pressure on the knee downhill, but due to the spring's uplifting spring force, extra effort is required when walking for long periods of time. In addition, the poor quality of the spring parts prone to rust, rupture, slippage and so on, causing the locking system buckle or failure. Carbon fiber and titanium alloy walking poles, because the material itself has good flexibility and toughness, without the need to set the shock absorber system can achieve the effect of balanced shock absorption.

5, Mud tower

Nud tower can prevent the walking poles from falling into the mud, but climbers often have thorns and shrubs that can hinder their mobility. Therefore, pay attention that the mud tower should be disassembled quickly so that they will not cause problems.

6, Stick tip

Stick tip material usually have rubber head, iron, carbon tungsten steel etc. The hardest carbon steel, the most expensive price, the cheapest rubber head, but also can not cope with the rugged outdoor terrain, wear resistance is not as good as carbon steel head. Cuspidate patterns are common network pattern, diamond pattern, grid pattern, etc., of which the best non-slip diamond pattern and penetration.

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