Different pillow cleaning method

- Dec 07, 2017-

Pillow is our good partner for sleep, you know how to clean the pillow?

1. Chemical fiber pillow is made of a common man-made fiber pillows. Due to chemical fiber material is not very breathable, the use of a long time easily deformed caking, lack of flexibility, the pillow showed rugged state.

Cleaning methods: Hand wash, machine wash can be, but to choose a mild detergent. Machine wash is best to add a piece of towels to wash, in order to balance the water. After washing it, it will help to restore the elasticity of the pillow and be soft and fluffy.

2. Latex pillow flexibility, not easy to deformation, strong support. According to reports, the latex for the development of children with bones, you can change the head shape, and will not cause respiratory allergies such as dust, fiber and other allergens. Some latex pillows also have the effect of massage and promote blood circulation.

Cleaning method: Soak in cold water with detergent, lightly press the pillow with your hand, until it is washed clean, the excess washing liquid must be squeezed. After clear water, repeatedly washed until rinsed.

3. Feather fluffy pillow better, can provide a better head support, it will not be deformed by the use of a long time. And down with a light, breathable, non-hot advantages.

Cleaning method: Down water is very easy to catch, so this pillow can not be cleaned. Regularly pat the pillow by hand to keep it fluffy, and get the ventilation of hair, remove sweat and water vapor can be. Can also be sent to the dry cleaners cleaning.

4. Other types of pillows mainly tea pillow, activated carbon pillow, bamboo charcoal pillow, stone pillow and so on.

Cleaning method: Health care pillow can not be washed, water loss will make its efficacy. The correct way is to pat the pillow, restore it to its original shape, and ventilated place ventilation to avoid exposure.

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