Garden Tool Long Rubbish Grabber Tool Reacher Tool Pickup tool

- Mar 03, 2017-

Garden Tool Long Rubbish Grabber Tool Reacher tool Pickup tool

1. Strong frame & weight capacity
2. Comfortable grip handle, easy trigger

3. Ideal for anyone with limited mobility out of reach

grabber tool

Function and advantage:

You will find hundreds of uses for this handy helper.
Use it every day for reaching up high or picking up down low without bending, climbing or straining.
It's precise enough to pick up a paper clip, yet strong enough to lift a 5 lb. Bag of sugar.
Use it in your home, yard, office, car, boat or RV.


* Comfortable grip handle, easy trigger.
* Can be used in wet or dry conditions.
* Ideal for anyone with limited mobility or anyone in need of something out of reach.
* Easy reach graber tool.
* Foldable makes it easy to store.
* Great for old people who can't move or on wheel chairs.
* Suction vacuum cups for odd pick-ups.
* Trigger control handle.
* Trigger lock keeps objects in locked position.
* Aluminum frame with light weight.
* Precise enough to pick up a paper clip yet strong enough to pick up a 5 pound bag of sugar.

* Great for the disabled.

reacher tool

Use it for:

Picking up trash and litter
Picking up broken glass pieces
Reaching under furniture and beds
Retrieving items in hard to reach cabinets
Picking up daily things such as the newspaper

Plus many many more uses

litter pickup tool

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