How are wooden canes made?

- Apr 10, 2017-

The production of Wooden Canes generally includes the following processes:

1. Looking for raw materials: the form of raw materials to make a satisfactory cane is very important.

2. Cropping: On the hill to find the appropriate raw material, the appropriate cutting, leaving the appropriate site and length, take home for follow-up processing. Under the material, do not too hand malicious, appropriate more to leave some length, in case truncated the raw material is wasted.
3. Make straight: The natural raw materials are generally bending, can not be used directly, to use fire roast, baking hot after the rectification force to make it straight.
Peel: Use knives, frustration and other tools to remove the bark of the raw material surface.
4. Plastic: In accordance with the shape of the raw materials to cut, cut, cut, drill, make a cane prototype.
5. Grinding: The use of gauze to the cane surface of the bark, burr and the formation of a knife cut defects grinding, to form a smooth and symmetrical surface. To this step, the beloved crutch can be used.

6. Using Tung oil or varnish to add a layer of protection to crutches, not only can increase the aesthetics, but also can play a crutch to waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-fouling, acid, alkali protection. Brushing finish and so after dry thoroughly to use fine sandpaper polishing once again brush the next, General brush 3--5 to be good.

wooden canes

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