How old people choose their own pillow?

- Nov 29, 2017-

1, look pillow

Buckwheat leather pillow is more suitable for the elderly. In addition, silkworm sand, tea, rice belong to such plastic, breathable pillow. For patients with cervical spondylosis, if you can use these materials made of pillows, will be more favorable treatment.

2, see the size

The length of the pillow under normal circumstances, it is best to be wider than the shoulders. Do not sleep too small pillow, because when you turn over, the pillow can not support the neck, the other too small pillow will also affect the safety of sleep. Some people like to use that kind of irregular pillows, although very personal, but to consider whether to impair the quality of sleep.

3, look at the height

High-quality sleep is very important for physical and mental health, so it is necessary to choose a good pillow. For the elderly, too soft pillows will hinder the head rotation, is not conducive to blood circulation, experts suggest that the elderly choose a height of 9 cm pillow is appropriate. Do not ask too high or too short. Too high, easily lead to insomnia, sleep is not practical. Too short, it will make the cervical spine can not get a good relax and rest, depression, blood circulation is not smooth.

4, look at the structure

Recommended groove design, lower than the surrounding middle, in addition to moderate head support, but also can gently support the neck. Thicker left and right, you can automatically adapt to the sleep side of the body when turning sideways to sleep height. An ideal pillow, the most basic to make the pillow closely fit the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so that people who work and study life one day, lift cervical muscle, ligament fatigue during sleep. The shape of the head to the middle of the low, high front shape for cervical physiological curvature. This pillow can use the front of the bulge to maintain the physiological curvature of the cervical spine. Traditional pillow cervical spine, easy to deformation.

5, look at the hardness

Too soft pillow on the scalp oppression area is not conducive to blood circulation, the human head and cervical spine are not very good supportive force. For the elderly, too soft pillows will impede the rotation of the head, making it easy for them to accidentally face buried in the pillow in the process of turning over, thus affecting the breathing, or even cause suffocation. In addition, too soft pillows are also likely to cause "stiff neck." The elderly spine more degenerative changes, it should pay more attention to prevent the occurrence of spondylosis. In addition, a suitable pillow can play a role in shaping the head. Therefore, the choice of pillow, it is best to choose a little bit of hardness of the pillow, so that with the rotation of the head at any time flow shaping, play a uniform role in supporting both to ensure smooth breathing, but also head and neck The muscles get relaxed.

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