How tall are walking canes?

- Apr 01, 2017-

It is very important for the user to grasp the correct height of the stick, to maintain the correct standing and walking posture, the rational use of the support of the cane is very important. If the long stick is too low will form a hunchback, and holding too high will make you in the steps or stairs when it is difficult. Crutches are suitable for use, handy to use, and vice versa, more effort, and even cause damage, and thus choose the right crutch is very important. To determine the appropriate length of the cane is to wear shoes, take a positive posture, measuring the wrist to the distance from the ground, or ulnar stems to the ground distance.


The cane is usually a single grip in the inconvenience between the legs and towels holding axillary stick walking, pay attention to the first crutch after the step forward when the first step limbs, After the limbs are taken, with the double support as the support, the body gradually move forward step forward can not exceed the normal gait in order to avoid instability fall, double forward to move forward to parallel, not to both sides of the slide. Crutches should be firmly grounded to avoid sliding. If the bed rest time is longer, began to stand walking, often feel dizzy starboard, easy to fall, to gradually adapt. You can practice sitting on the bed, after the care by the staff, in the room for a short time to stand, to adapt to practice after walking and walking. With the continuous development of science and technology, crutches of the design and manufacture more and more sophisticated. Such as the stretch cane, both in the armpit, but also with the hand propped up walking button crutches. You can adjust the use of a high degree of folding stool canes(seat cane or cane with seat), usually as a cane used, if necessary, can also be opened as a stool with safety handle to sit. As for four feet crutches(quad cane), used to be more stable than the "single foot crutches".


Two ways to determine the height of the cane


Method 1: The body upright to elbow flexion 30 °, wrist dorsiflexion about 30 ° state holding the cane, so that the stick pad pad in front of the toe and the lateral side of the distance from the 15 cm position.

Method 2: The body upright, the height of the stick and the big rotor (joint protrusion) in the same height position.



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