How to buy massage chair

- Dec 11, 2017-

1. Quality: whether the mute operation is an important indicator. A good massage chair must be quiet, noisy massage chair must be rough mechanical structure, poor quality. Do not doubt this.

2. Movement: high-quality movement of the massage chair are generally higher prices, but not necessarily mall high prices are good movement. All-metal movement high cost, trouble-free operation for more than 3600 hours; plastic movement lower cost, trouble-free operation time 600 hours. In other words, the former can be used for at least five years without problems, while the latter may have problems in one year.

3. Computer control: not a colorful controller is really a computer controller. Computer control is a pre-input simulation massage experts program, but also automatically detect each body size, and then calculate a set of massage programs for specific users, people feel precise and thorough.

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