How to choose a massage chair?

- Dec 08, 2017-

First, choose a massage chair that matches your body shape. If it is too big or too small, you can not massage the massage chair to the corresponding body part. Because the massage chair is mainly used to relax and health care, so the selection should consider whether its function is comprehensive.

Core components

Select the massage chair need to consider a variety of factors, the main components of the massage chair are the main movement, rails, motors, materials, etc., the quality of a massage chair depends mainly on the quality of these core components:


Motherboard can be said that the massage chair's brain, used to control massage chair program, power supply, pneumatic valve motor operation of the carrier through the massage chair hand controller transmission command, accepted by the motherboard and issued to the chair massage mechanism to carry out Massage exercise is one of the important components.

A massage chair is good or bad, not only depends on its external function is more, the material is good, but also depends on his massage program is humane, the program experience is high.


The movement of the massage chair is equipped with a manipulator and a device for controlling the motor of the manipulator. The massage chair can freely walk on the guide rail and massage the back and the buttocks of the human body according to the length of the guide rail.


The main structure of the massage chair, with the movement of the manipulator and most of the internal main components are the overall framework of the massage chair. As of 2014.


Massage chair manipulator, through the design of the program, you can achieve a variety of artificial massage. Through the massage principle, to achieve massage effect, play to clear the meridians, qi and blood circulation, maintaining the body's balance of yin and yang, mechanical massage is the most important massage massage chair.


Commonly known as the motor, its main role is to generate drive torque, as a power source for electrical or mechanical. Generator in the circuit with the letter G said that its main role is the use of mechanical energy into electricity, which is supporting the operation of the massage function of the robot is an important driving force.

General massage chair in the presence of the following types of motor:

① kneading motor: drive robot kneading tactics;

② beat the motor: drive manipulator beat tactics;

③ vibration motor: the massage mechanism to produce vibration effects;

④ walking motor: driving robot walking in the rail;

⑤ foot roller motor: driving foot roller operation;

⑥ kneading plate motor: drive kneading plate operation.


Cortex massage chair is very important, excellent cortex massage is the key to the choice of comfort. High-grade massage chairs generally use a dedicated PU leather, the use of three-dimensional structure of the network of non-woven fabric substrate. Leather must be super wear-resistant, soft and delicate touch, and professional waterproofing, breathability stronger.

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