How to choose the elderly massage chair?

- Dec 08, 2017-

1. Function should be simple and practical

Buy massage chairs for the elderly, the function does not need too much, practical. As for the TV, MP3, jade massage and other functions, according to their own needs to choose. Some features may not be needed or even cumbersome for the elderly.

2. Massage intensity not too heavy

Some elderly people may be quite tolerant, like to massage a large massage chair, but this massage is too large massage chair, in fact, is not suitable for the elderly. Lower bone density of the elderly, bones and soft tissue flexibility, but also relatively poor, if you choose to exercise too much massage chair, it is easy to cause discomfort to the elderly or even harm.

3. Select the massage chair with body detection function

Low-end massage chair does not have the body detection function, only in accordance with the default program to run, completely regardless of the height and thickness of the user. As a result, users often find it frustrating to be pressed and lack the comfort of the upscale massage chair. Often press the site did not press to, according to the site should not press the pain. Even prolonged use of such low-grade massage chairs can cause physical damage. In particular, elderly do not choose this low-grade massage chair, try to choose massage chair with body detection function.

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