How to choose the right wheelchair?

- Nov 30, 2017-

(1) Usually do not use, just use when go out, or for medical treatment, it is recommended to use ordinary soft seat or double-turn hard seat wheelchair, more affordable, popular, comfortable and lightweight.

(2) Aluminum alloy is the lightest of all wheelchair materials, and it is often recommended to use lightweight aluminum wheelchairs.

(3) A private car to go, it is recommended to choose portable aluminum wheelchairs.

(4) If people fracture or need care, it is recommended to use orthopedic foot (mobile leg rest) semi-lying or full-lying soft seat wheelchair.

(5)) Older or people very inconvenient to move, we recommend to use flip up armrests and detachable leg rests wheelchair.

(6) If the user incontinence, or semi toilet inconvenient, it is recommended to use a wheelchair with a commode. Half-lying and full-lying wheelchairs with active handrails or leg rests provide comfort. Long-term constipation or those who are not very difficult to stand, it is recommended to use the cover type seat toilet, because the seat is a circular hole, you can sit a long time, the bucket lid, to prevent odor distribution.

(7) For those with special difficulties, we recommend using special wheelchairs such as standing wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, lifting wheelchairs, etc.

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