How to choose walking stick canes for the elderly?

- Apr 10, 2017-

Choosing the right crutch is not so simple, the choice of the old man crutches should follow the following criteria:

wooden canes

1. Suitable length

The appropriate length, the old man holding up not to be too short to feel bent, or because of excessive and the top of the arm acid hemp. The criterion is: wearing flat shoes stand on the ground, the hands naturally droop, take attention posture, then measure the wrist skin transverse to the ground distance, this size is the ideal length of crutches.

2. Handle width

It is not merely a symbol of a right to make a leading shape at the top of an ancient cane. It is evenly and sleek sense of the handle, let the elderly grasp, will feel very comfortable-both full and thick feeling, and easy to ease.

3. Bottom Anti-slip rubber tip

This is very important, because the late use of old people will have a sense of dependence, if it is not slippery, it is extremely prone to accidents. According to the physical condition of the elderly, it can be adjusted to the strong support structure of two corners, triangles or corners.

4. Material

Cane material should be used both lightsome and thick sense, but also to damp, prevent cracking.

In addition to the choice of the walking canes for elderly, the elderly should also match their related functions, such as: with the installation of lighting facilities, with radio configuration, and even now developed with the function of folding seat cane, is really readily available ah!

Do you like the knowledge of these old people crutches? Hurry to buy one for your relatives!

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