How to Design Senior Bed Rails?

- Jan 08, 2018-

The design of the elderly bedroom should pay attention to be humane care, such as the elderly bedroom walls should install 1-1.5 meters high handrails in order to facilitate the elderly to stand or sit down.

1. As seniority is getting higher, many elderly people have difficulty in getting in motion. They get up, sit down and bend over to become difficult. At this time, setting up handrails on the walls become their good helper. The use of waterproof armrest device in the bath side, bed side, toilet and wash basin on both sides, can make people living with mobility more comfortable.

2. Next to the senior bed rails, it's best to set an alarm switch, alarm bell located in the children's room. In the event of an accident in the elderly, just gently press the switch, you can call for help to inform their children in time to prevent any eventuality.

3. Floor is slippery, the side of senior bed rails should be laid wooden flooring.

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