How to operate a wheelchair?

- Nov 30, 2017-

Ordinary wheelchair suitable for the following patients: spinal cord injury, lower extremity disability, craniocerebral disorders, elderly, frail, sick patients. When choosing a wheelchair, consider the patient's cognitive function and at least one side of the upper limb function is normal.

How to operate a wheelchair

1. Open and retract: When opening the wheelchair, place both hands on the crossbar on each side of the wheelchair (under the armrest), and force downward to open it. Fold up the first pedal flip up, then, both ends of the cushion with both hands, while pulling up.

2. Own operating wheelchairs: push forward, the first brake release, the body back down, seeing the front, his hands stretched back, slightly elbow, hands clasped the second half of the ring. When pushed forward, the upper body leans forward, the upper extremities push and extend the elbow simultaneously, when the elbow is fully straightened, let go of the wheel ring, so repeated. On one side of the limb function is normal, the other side of dysfunction (such as hemiplegia), one side of the upper and lower extremity fractures, you can use the health side of the lower limb while steering the wheelchair. The method is as follows: First health side flip up, healthy feet on the ground, healthy hand holding the hand wheel. When pushed, health foot forward on the ground, with the health hand, move the wheelchair forward. On the slopes, keep the upper body leaning forward, center of gravity forward, the other way to push the wheelchair with the same level. If the wheelchair when going uphill slope, it is easy to turn the wheelchair back.

3. Wheelchairs: Taking hemiplegic patients as an example.

(1) Bed - wheelchair: wheelchair on the health side of the bed into a 30 ~ 45 ° angle, brake the wheel, remove the foot care. Healthy hand holding the wheelchair outside the handrail stood up, stand firmly with a healthy foot as the axis of rotation slowly body, slowly sit down against the chair.

(2) Wheelchair - bed: from the side of the health close to the bed, the wheelchair between the bed into the angle of 30 ~ 45 °, brake wheels, remove the foot care. Healthy hand grabbed the arm stand up, stand firm, move forward to bed, with healthy feet as the axis, slowly turning the body, and then sit down.

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