How to use the mobility walkers?

- Feb 07, 2018-

 The following is a paraplegia and hemiplegia, for example, describes the use of crutches. Paraplegic patients often need to use two armpit crutches to walk, hemiplegia patients generally use only a single cane, both using different methods.

(1) Armpit paraplegia walking: According to the order of movement of the axillary crutches and feet are divided into the following forms:

   ① alternately mopping the walk: the method is to extend the left armpit Shui, and then stretched out the right axilla turn, and then mopping the two feet forward while reaching the ax near.

   ② while mopping the walk: also known as pendulum to step, that is, while extending two Shui, and then two feet at the same time mopping forward to reach the ax near.

   ③ four-point walk: The first method is to extend the left armpit Shui, and then take the right foot, then stick out the right axilla, and finally take the right foot.

   ④ three-point walk: The method is the first side of the poor muscle strength and both sides of the axillary rod at the same time out, and then on the contralateral foot (better muscle side) out.

   ⑤ two-point walk: One side of the armpit and contralateral foot lateral extension at the same time, and then the remaining axillary Shui and then stretched out.

   ⑥ walked over: the method is similar to the pendulum step, but the feet do not drag the ground, but in the air before the swing, so large pace, speed, the patient's trunk and upper limb control force must be better, or fall easily .

(2) Hemiplegia patients walking cane method:

   ① three-point walk: The vast majority of patients with hemiplegia in the order of walking stick outstretched, and then take the foot, and then take a healthy foot, a few patients to stick out, take healthy foot, and then take foot foot walk .

   ② two-point walk: that is, at the same time stick out and suffering from foot, then take a healthy foot. This method walking speed, suitable for the degree of hemiplegia lighter, good balance of patients.

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