Introduction of folding reacher

- Sep 12, 2018-

The folding reacher is a product that is convenient for the elderly. Using this product is like giving people a long arm to solve many problems in work and life. For example, pulling curtains, taking objects from high places, taking objects from slits, taking small holes, picking up ground items, or picking things under the bed. It is a convenient product for the elderly.


1. A place that can't be reached. Up, no need to rise or stretch, no need to bow down. It is easy to use for the elderly without bending over and avoiding the feet.

2, foldable, easy to collect.

3, can be clipped 2 kg weight of objects, can hold a variety of shapes and sizes of soft and hard materials.

4, front rubber suction cup design, easy to take

5, specially designed to take the folder position lock, gently push the lock on the handle to the closed position, you can keep the clip in the clamped state.

6. The bearing rod is made of high quality aluminum alloy, and the wrench is made of high quality engineering plastics.

7, in line with the natural state of the human grip, easy to operate, safe and reliable

8, the structure is novel, easy to use, lightweight

folding reacher

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