Massage chair a little unknown, the general shopping guide will not tell you the purchase of note:

- Dec 11, 2017-

1. Massage Chair Leather

Taking into account the material tension and wear resistance is not good enough, and not easy to maintain, there will be cracking, serious wear and tear, massage chairs are generally not used leather, the general market are the use of microfiber leather and artificial leather. You think, people sitting in the massage chair, manipulator back and forth massage, leather will be worn, if the leather is prone to breakage, bleaching and so on, the use of microfiber leather is very wear-resistant, good tension will never change color, leather application The life of massage chair also 2, 3 years, but the basic life of microfibre fabric leather in 7, 8 years, while the general massage chair life can reach 7-8 years.

2. Massage Manipulator Choice

Massage chair one of the core components "massage hand" generally divided into "2D massage hand" and "3D massage hand."


2D massage only from the neck, shoulders down to the waist, only up and down about the movement, without moving forward and backward space; Overall, is a plane. But the body surface is a shape with undulating curves, such as the neck, shoulders, waist and back and other 2D hand there is no way to fit the perfect massage, massage can not achieve the kneading massage and other massage techniques. So in the human "lazy" driving force, 3D massage hand perfect debut! ! Is now the mainstream brand choice, 3D massage hands really great ah.


3. Massage Hand Stretch Length

The massage chair is really easy to get confused with moisture because all the core components are the motor for the innermost massage (relating to the service life of the massage chair), the length of the rails for the massage, and the massage hands mentioned above. Among them, the most likely to be confused massage hand is massage, massage hand stretch length. Some conscience manufacturers books sub-divided to do things, in accordance with the scope of the maximum extension of 12CM to execute, some manufacturers in order to save the cost of the basic restrictions in the 8CM, it seems only 4CM gap, but the feeling is completely different, okay! ! 

Dear, this shows the importance of massage hand stretch length! Because, each person's body is not the same, such as a bearded body of the knot, expecting 8CM stretch length of the massage hand massage to his back muscles deep soul pain? May be just like every other boots itching, the body will not experience 12CM massage hand trembling deep soul massage ah!

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