Nordic walking poles purchase points

- Feb 09, 2018-

1, Check the lock: tighten each nordic walking poles section of the lock, and full pressure to make sure it will not collapse, the locking system can load.

2, Fasten the wristband: fasten the wristband when you are on the go, let you walk in a comfortable state, and swing the walking stick back and forth. If the wristband will hurt your wrist, then continue to look for it. Wristbands are the best choice of soft, and some flexibility, you can simply adjust to the required degree of firmness, not easy to fall off.

3, Choice of handle: nordic walking poles with cork and foam handle, is usually the first choice of people palms sweat easily or often in the rainy day walking. Because these materials, even if wet, there are better friction. Rubber, plastic and other materials handle, when wet will be relatively smooth, feel is not particularly good, but durable, good strength. If your palms sweat easily, avoid using plastic grips because they tend to slide out of your hand like wet fish. Cork or foam cane is best caught. In cold weather the foam handle feels warmer than cork, plastic, wood or rubber.

4, Choose the material: aluminum trekking pole, solid, lightweight, cheap, most manufacturers are using aluminum alloy material. If you are a higher quality of people, choose carbon fiber or titanium lighter new cane. Carbon fiber, as solid as aluminum, but lighter in weight, so it's more expensive. Titanium lighter, but the price is more expensive. The diameter of nordic walking poles made of carbon fiber and titanium alloy is relatively small, people feel very light, you can use them when you can quickly throw them, it is easy to put the tip of the rod in a suitable position.

5, Select the number of sections: First of all, according to the intensity of activities to choose the section number of nordic walking poles. The more section, corresponding to the lower load-bearing capacity. When leisure activities, the most prominent is easy to carry, so four section  are the first choice. When the activity has a certain intensity, select three section to ensure safety.

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