Notes when using a wheelchair

- Nov 30, 2017-

1, Take care. Do not hit the wheelchair with obstacles when entering and exiting or facing obstacles (most of the elderly have osteoporosis and are vulnerable).

2, Push the wheelchair, instruct the patient holding the wheelchair handrails, try to sit back as far as possible, do not lean forward or get off themselves, so as not to fall, if necessary, add restraint belt.

3, Due to the small front wheelchair, in the fast moving in case of small obstacles (such as pebbles, small ditch, etc.) can easily cause a sudden stop in the wheelchair leading to the wheelchair or the patient tipping over and hurt the patient. Push the wheelchair must be careful, if necessary, can be used after the pull-pull (due to the larger rear wheel, more ability to cross the obstacle).

4, When pushing the wheelchair downhill, speed should slower, the patient's head and back should be leaning back and grab the handrail, so as to avoid accidents.

5, Always observe the condition. Patients with lower extremity edema, ulcers or joint pain, the pedal can be lifted, padded with a soft pillow.

6, Keep warm when the weather is cold. Put the blanket straight on the wheelchair, but also use the blanket around the patient's neck, with pins fixed at the same time around the arms, pins fixed on the wrist, and then the upper body around. Take off your shoes and wrap your lower limbs and feet with a blanket.

7, Should always check the wheelchair, add lubricants regularly, keep in good condition.

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