The basic type of toilet chair

- Feb 08, 2018-


Easy-to-use two-way chair not only look stylish and elegant appearance, can be used as high-grade toilet chair, but also as a high-end use of chairs, the preferred toilet chair backrest home decoration foam material, while the backrest leather to increase sponge, the maximum increase Toilet seat backrest comfort, backrest interior to strengthen the steel blank design, to ensure the use of a long time chair, to prevent the inferior products only use three rivets, fixed ring pull or deformation and other issues arise.


Leather and sponge lining, leather seat with a sponge, using high-frequency sealing pressure technology, the load-bearing structure under the board to have 4 of the steel, welded directly to strengthen the structure. Design more solid, heavy and powerful. The main materials used in the manufacture of steel pipe, plastic, rubber, steel pipe is used to make it the overall support skeleton, the latter two are mainly used in the toilet hole, toilet bowl, lid and armrest.

Sofa style

Sofa-based commode chair is made of steel, the surface of the spray treatment, the use of high-quality leather and sponge lined to make users more comfortable with non-slip rubber feet, the material is the main steel pipe (surface coating treatment), the back Tube installed foam pillow, ABS material seat plate, the seat plate height of 40cm; seat width of 45cm.

Cover type

Cover-type commode chair, cushion back home improvement ABS cover, the main steel pipe (surface coating treatment), backrest tube installed foam pillow, ABS material base plate; using pull sponge soft seat pad, toilet Removable, large folding, with a back pad; seat height 41cm; seat width of 46cm.

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