The Location Setting of Grab Rails for Elderly

- Jan 08, 2018-

1, Toilet side

Toilet handrails is one of the most commonly used to the elderly handrails, it is recommended that you do not ignore this position. The height of the armrests on the side of the toilet should be similar to the height of the shoulders of the elderly after sitting down and should be easily installed by the elderly in front of the toilet. The shape of the armrest should be non-slip cylindrical performance is better, pay attention to the installation of solidity.

2, Shower room

The elderly are more prone to slipping in the shower, so it is recommended that you install one or two handrails for the elderly in the wall of the shower room. Shower handrails height should be around the waist or chest in the elderly, pay attention to the best use of rounded shape and strong rust-proof metal as well.

3, Bedroom and sofa seat

In addition to the above two points, setting up handrails for the elderly should also pay attention to the bedroom and the sofa side position. By setting a highly appropriate, well-installed armrest can greatly facilitate the daily living comfort and convenience for the elderly. In addition, for some storied buildings up and down the stairs should also be equipped with vertical armrests.

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