The method of elderly to choose a cane

- Nov 29, 2017-

1, canes handle

Canes handle part should not be too small, otherwise the user's hand joint detrimental; If your palm is easy to sweat, avoid the use of plastic grip, cork or latex cogs the best grasp.

2, canes "point"

There is a "point" tip at the bottom of the canes, and a good sharp tip touches the ground, forming an angle that will make the user comfortable and non-slippery. No matter what kind of material canes, in contact with the ground parts must be added mat, so as to avoid slipping.

3, canes material

Most of the general canes of wood, rattan, bamboo or aluminum alloy, advanced canes and carbon fiber materials. Although the types of materials, but all the canes must be light and flexible, so use it will not feel tired. Also pay attention to the choice of canes material bearing capacity should be particularly good.

4, one foot or more feet

Under normal circumstances, if the elderly are not too bad physical condition, choose a single foot cane is sufficient, but if the elderly poor balance, or history of stroke, arthritis or leg injuries, poor support, etc., the best choice is multiple feet to enhance support for the body.

5, the length of canes

Cane with proper length will make your walking more comfortable and safer, and allow your arms, shoulders and back to be fully exercised.

Determination of the correct length: wear flat shoes stand on the ground, stand up, hands naturally drooping, take stand posture, elbow should be 20 degrees of bending, and then measure the skin of the wrist skin stripes to the ground distance. This size is the ideal length of your cane. Can also refer to this formula: Cane length = 0.72 × height. Such a length can better maintain body balance.

Tip: The canes used by the average elderly should not exceed the height of their waist when they are raised.

Canes of inappropriate length consequences: canes too long will increase the degree of elbow flexion, increase the burden on the triceps arm; also make the wrist slipped out, grip reduction; also make the shoulders up, causing scoliosis. Canes are too short to fully extend the elbow, before going along with the trunk to bend forward, this will not only increase the burden on the waist muscles, but also increase the difficulty of going up and down the stairs.

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