The operation of nordic walking sticks

- Feb 09, 2018-

1, Adjust the length

The general three-section nordic walking sticks has two sections can be adjusted, the first start alpinating all the joints loose. Will be close to the bottom of the rod to the maximum length limit, there are scales on the alpenstock can refer to. Hand-held trekking pole standing on the plane to adjust the length of the alpenstock, the arm hanging down naturally to the elbow as a fulcrum, the forearm raised to 90 with the upper arm. , And then adjust the tip of the alpenstock down to touch the ground; Or mount the alcove 5 to 8 centimeters, and then adjust the tip down to touch the ground so far. Alpenstock all the struts lock. The other alpenstock, which has not been adjusted yet, can be adjusted to the same length as the length of the alpinism lock. Adjusting the trekking pole should not exceed the maximum adjustment length shown on the trekking pole. When purchasing the trekking pole, make a length adjustment to determine whether or not to buy a suitable length of alpenstock. Three adjustable alpine stick the most robust state is in the three equal length of the struts, so do not use only one of the struts instead of another strut, or more than the vigilance of the strut, This will result in alpenstock easily bent deformation can not be used! The best way to do this is to adjust the other two extendable poles to the same length, which will ensure the strength of the alpinism and the life of the alpenstock.

2, The use of wrist strap

Most people use the trekking pole are clutching the handle tightly, thinking that the role of the wrist strap is only to let the alpenstock will not leave their wrist only, if you think so, that's wrong. The impact of the trekking pole downhill should be transmitted to our arm by the wrist strap; while the arm thrust is transmitted to the trekking pole by the wrist strap to generate uphill assistance when going uphill, Instead of holding it straight in from the top of the wristband, you should take the wristband, insert it under the wristband, and press the webbing against our palm, then grasp the handle gently Can, through the wrist strap to support the alpenstock, rather than clutching the handle force. If there are buckles, make a slight adjustment, remember not to affect the alpenstock operation.

3, Different terrain's operation mode 

The following is the general operation mode of nordic walking sticks, but not the only way to make adjustments in the actual operation to find out for their own way, so as to make full use of the alpenstock the benefits of.

Flat and gentle uphill just follow the usual rhythm to take the same rhythm, right arm forward at the same time the homeopathic trekking pole forward, but do not tip beyond the front of the body, and then withstand the ground to push back, left hand with Right hand interaction to do the same action. The sloping steep slope moves the same way as normal walking, but the arm must move the alpenstock forward in front of the body and use the alpenstock to support the body upward to relieve the pressure on the legs. If necessary, two alpenstocks can be used at the same time To climb the action, pushing the body up, the palm can be placed on the top of the stick to enhance the push power.

Downhill due to the impact of relatively large, it is necessary to use the alpenstock to reduce the load on the legs; the position of the alpenstock must be placed in front of the body, but also than the forefoot in front of the ground to achieve the effect of sharing the power, then the body will Lean forward, this action is not a natural move downhill, so to practice often, and you want to feel their own aloft trekking stick to put far, in order to achieve the effect of reducing leg pressure, and will not delay the original move Speed and rhythm. When necessary, you can lengthen the length of the nordic walking sticks according to your personal feeling.

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