therapeutic pillow maintenance method

- Apr 23, 2018-

Traditional maintenance methods of pillow are not introduced, because the structure of the design does not meet the human design, long-term use will only cause harm to people's cervical spine, and its main maintenance method is often to clean the pillow jacket, often exposed to the pillow Sun drying.

For the modern people to use therapeutic pillow, is also the most common humanized design of a common pillow. For different types of therapeutic pillow, the possible maintenance methods are similar for friends' reference.

Pillow material: temperature-sensitive memory cotton, slow rebound memory cotton, space pillow;

Maintenance methods: Clean the pillow core with a vacuum cleaner every month or so, or tap the pillow core by hand;

Cleaning method: remove the pillowcase and inner sleeve, and the pillow can not be washed;

Note: Pillow core can not be exposed to the sun as ordinary pillows or washing into the washing machine, sun or water will destroy the structure of natural latex pillow, memory cotton, making its life greatly reduced. Exposure causes the memory cotton material to age and yellow, and the water wash makes the memory cotton absorb heavily, and the water inside the pillow cannot dry.

The maintenance of the gel memory pillow is mainly the maintenance of the pillow core and the pillowcase, because the gel memory pillow and the ordinary pillow have the essential difference, so cannot use the regular maintenance method.

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