Toilet block dredge

- Dec 14, 2016-

1, to 2 shops, junk shops to buy a manual plungers (like Springs), own dredge, a dredger is a few Yuan.

2, MOP method: use your MOP MOP. First put the mops in the toilet and water to ensure water drown the MOP. Then press the MOP, try to plug it into the mouth of the toilet, and finally mops filed at the fastest rate, repeated movements, things will be sucking out of the toilet, piping can be smooth.

3, find a long plastic pipe, a water, a stuffed into a toilet and plugged up the toilet with a rag, and open water, which would use hydraulic dredge pipeline.

4, if the toilet clogged with hard objects, can be resolved. First skin carried child put dirt real carried down, side water side carried, makes sat will device in only water, then with towel put water dip dry, find a small border child, best is makeup Shang of that small mirror, a flashlight, put small mirror put to SAT will device of most bottom, adjustment light and mirror of angle can see pipeline internal of part, usually small things will card in pipeline most inside to down turn of place, find a root compared right of wire, you of luck good of points words, this card in SAT will device noise child eye Shang of small things on solution has.

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