Toilet installation

- Dec 14, 2016-

A,, and received goods face to face acceptance finished Hou began installation: toilet factory Qian should are after strictly of quality, like try water, and visual appearance,, can in market Shang sold of products General are for qualified products, but remember, regardless of is more big of brand, also to in front of businesses of surface open box inspection, check whether has obviously defects and the touch injury, the part whether exists chromatic aberration.

B, check the adjust the ground level: bought the same wall distance dimension of the toilet, after sealing cushions, you can begin the installation. The toilet should conduct comprehensive checks of sewage pipes before installation to see whether there is a sludge, waste paper and other debris inside the tubes blocked, also check the installation ground is level around the toilet, if uneven ground, when installing the toilet in the ground level should be. Drain cut short, conditions permitting, to drain as much as possible above ground 2mm-5mm.

C, and debugging installation tank accessories Hou check has no leakage: first check tap, water 3-5 minutes flush pipeline, to guarantee tap of clean; again installation angle valve and connection hose, then will hose and installation of tank accessories water valve connection and connected water, check water valve water and the sealed whether normal, drainage valve installation location whether flexible has no obstruction and the leakage, has no leak loaded water valve filter device.

D Finally, test the toilet discharge effects: are water tank accessories installed, fill it with water, try flushing the toilet, if flow vortices in a hurry and rush quickly, indicating water clear, on the contrary, to check for blockage.

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