Toilet installation method

- Dec 14, 2016-

1, remove the drain plug, check after the tubes free of debris, clean around the tubes.

2, the installation of toilet ground must be hard and smooth. Cannot be covered with tiles or other decorative materials, sand and debris to clean up.

3, before the toilet fixed. To make it level with the level of scale calibration.

4, fixed the toilet, there are two scenarios:

(1) explosive bolt method: place the toilet in the installation location, ground draw the pedestal feet contour line and draw the bolt hole locations on the mounting holes. After playing holes, insert to connect the explosive bolts in the toilet outlet drain joint with the ground coating adhesive, place the toilet a smooth well, strong and explosive bolts, finally sealed with cement mortar toilet feet.

(2) cement bond method: in ground Shang painting out sat will device end of casters Gallery line, along profile line to within laying a circle wide 30mm, high 15mm of cement mortar, here will device row export and ground sewage mouth joint at coated put adhesive, wipe clean sat will device end of feet, will its smooth to placed in installation location, makes of bond firm, wipe NET overflow of cement mortar.

5, when the adhesion of the cement slurry, should be clear, so as not to dry before wet cement hard to clear.

6, connect the inlet pipe, and that does not leak.

7, after about an hour of continuous flush several times to ensure sewage pipes open. Test the toilet's effluent effects, by water tank accessories installed, fill it with water, put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and drop a drop of ink, a discharge without leaving any traces, indicating water smooth.

8, the toilet is installed shall be used within three days, so as not to affect its stability.

9, if the absence of the above instructions to install the crack and cause the toilet to be hang, responsibilities were leased by the installation.

Should carefully read the instructions before installing the toilet, according to the requirements. Set out in the construction of residential house decoration and engineering specifications, sanitary and water pipe, drain connection must be tight and not leaking, toilet installed expansion bolts with oil, lime or silicone rubber connection seal, the base may not be fixed with cement mortar. This not only avoids the cracks caused by cement dry toilet or ease of maintenance in future if there is a problem.

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