Toilet maintenance

- Dec 14, 2016-

1, not placed in direct sunlight, under direct near heat sources or exposed to smoke, or cause discoloration.

2, not to put something hard and heavy objects, such as radiator caps, flower pots, buckets, basins and other, otherwise it will draw flowers or cause cracks on the surface.

3, cover plate and the seat should be clean with a soft cloth, disable strong acids, strong carbon and scouring powder to clean do not use volatile agents, thinners or other chemical cleaning, it will corrode the surface. Do not use a wire brush cleaning, blades and other sharp implements.

4, cover plate mounted on when there is no water tanks, tank, who leaned back, otherwise it will lead to broken.

5, the cover should open and close lightly, avoid direct collision with water leaving scars and affect appearance; or that may lead to fracture.

6, the use of metal-hinged (metal screws) product note, don't let the acid alkaline solvent attached to the product, or easy to rust.

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