Toilet maintenance

- Dec 14, 2016-

1, user cleaning the toilet at least once a week.

2, if the location of the user sources for hard water, but must keep the water outlet clean.

Turn 3, toilet cover could cause loose fastening washer, tighten the CAP nut.

4, no tapping, trampling guardian ceramic ware.

5, close the toilet lid not super hard.

6, detergent pour into the toilet to use the machine off, rinse off.

Do not use hot water scald guard 7, ceramic sanitary ware.

Service is not just a cup of tea or a greeting, but each link in the service process, and help consumers deal with the problems encountered in a timely manner, judging from nine mu of kitchen and toilet service, after-sales service focuses on "timeliness". First time to understand the views of customers, first time customers, the first time proposing solutions, in the shortest possible time, with the highest possible efficiency in the achievement of consumers to trust again.

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