What are the elderly daily necessities?

- Nov 28, 2017-

1, Rehabilitation class

Wheelchairs, crutches, oxygen machines and so on.

2, Health food category

Sugar-free food, freshly ground whole grains and so on.

3, Physical therapy class

Meridian physical therapy instrument, electronic pulse physiotherapy instrument.

4, Nursing class

Oxygen bags, cervical traction, mattress pad and so on.

5, Casual exercise class

Tai Chi sword, Tai Chi fan, chess, radios and other products.

6, Testing categories

Electronic sphygmomanometer, electronic blood glucose meter, infrared electronic thermometer and so on.

7, To facilitate life class

Reading glasses, reading glasses, denture cleaner, denture cleaner, timing reminder kit, quick dry hair, convenient miscellaneous goods, the elderly wig.

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