What are the trendy supplies for the elderly?

- Nov 28, 2017-

1, locating mobile phone

This is specifically designed for the elderly, especially elderly people with dementia positioning a mobile phone.

In addition to this phone has the general function of the phone, but also both "positioning" function. As long as the elderly to wear mobile phones positioning, family members can use the satellite positioning system to help measure the location of the elderly (error of only 10 meters), which is not afraid of the elderly lost.

2, Anti-fatigue pain shoes

The United States has developed a for the elderly to use anti-fatigue analgesic shoes, this shoe is placed on a magnetic film, and human foot acupoints corresponding to the headache insomnia has a certain effect. In addition, the elderly to wear this kind of shoes climbing, tourism, can eliminate fatigue.

3, Increase voice phone

Germany introduced on the market designed for the elderly, add-on phone, the phone can freely adjust the volume, especially for hearing the elderly have varying degrees of decline in use.

4, Anti-riot cane

Japan has developed a riot cane, which not only helps the elderly to walk steadily, but also releases high-voltage electric shocks when the elderly are attacked by criminals to ensure the safety of the elderly.

5, Blood pressure ring

In the Swiss market, there is a blood pressure ring loved by middle-aged and elderly people. This ring can show different colors with subtle changes in the temperature of the fingers. When patients with hypertension can observe the color difference of the ring, master the changes in body temperature and the degree of exertion, relax and relax in time Disease.

6, First aid pager

A new type of emergency pager specifically for use in elderly patients with heart disease and hypertension has appeared on the market in Japan. The captain about 10 cm, 5 cm wide and weighs only 40 grams, the elderly carry on the body at any time, in case of insecurity, press the pager button, the aircraft will signal to the rescuers.

7, Smart pets

Japan's Matsushita Electric has developed a robot pet cats, tigers, dogs, etc., when touched, it will smile and greet, and even save the life of the owner. In accordance with the pre-programmed procedures, when the room is quiet, the robot pet will start to ask questions and help monitor the owner's health. The long silence of the host triggers the pet over the mobile phone, telling the owner that his family and friends may have a problem.

8, The elderly anti-collision clothing

Crash-proof suits developed by Switzerland include crash-proof caps, crash-resistant outerwear, clothes and hats that are inflated. If the elderly dizziness due to elevated blood pressure, suddenly fell, wearing this clothing, there is no danger of injury. Because the bumper is equipped with a computer bumper, when the head tilt disorders, the computer will direct the bumper open, so that the elderly feel someone holding the same. Even if the tilt speed, bumper too late to respond, the elderly will not be injured, because the head has been bumper spring tension supported.

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