what is a raised toilet seat?

- Apr 25, 2017-

The raised toilet seat is a device that is placed on a toilet seat and is used to increase the height of the sitting.

Because we usually use the toilet, usually only about 40 cm, with the elderly knee position is almost, if the elderly knee and thighs are not hard to sit down is very difficult, especially a little taller old man, it is most strenuous.

Installed on the toilet height, the toilet seat height can be increased by about 4 cm, and the base can be fixed with the ceramic toilet solid, not easy to shake, so let the elderly sit down and save a lot. In addition, the toilet booster attached to a pair of handrails, armrest height higher than the original toilet height of 7 cm. If the elderly knees do not force or sit too long, you can also help the elderly to stand up a little strength.

This toilet can be easily installed, special plastic materials can also be easy to clean and not cold. The use of raised toilet seat with handles, can make the elderly easy to get up from the toilet.

In particular, patients with hip arthroplasty, in order to avoid sitting in the toilet, hip flexion more than 90 degrees, should be used in particular the toilet heighter.

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