What is walking cane?

- Apr 01, 2017-

Cane, also known as sticks, crutches. The cane is hand with people who can walk and start to use, is that many elderly people go out in their later years will bring things. It can be safe and steady, but also enhance the physical, in addition, the cane there are a lot of magical function. People usually call it the old "third leg", called the elderly in the old age of good "partner". Whether it is mountain climbing, or idle courtyard are essential. It has a common three kinds of classification, and special features of the seven kinds of canes. Medical cane, climbing cane, etc. is in our lives as a more important role, it is in the structural material, a high degree of choice also has a lot of knowledge.


Common three kinds of canes

1 The old man with the kind of Offset Cane.

offset cane

2 Trekking Pole. Cane with mountaineering. It is slightly professional, many elderly people use it to climb.

trekking pole

3 Medical equipment of the cane. They are designed for special populations, such as fractures or patients with stroke sequelae.


Seven kinds of canes with special features

Blind Cane for blind people.

2 Sword Cane. Handle removed, can replace the sword, for human dance sword fitness with.

Cane with Light. Equipped with light-emitting equipment can be used as a flashlight.

Umbrella Walking Cane. Muti-function both can be walking cane and umbrella, to provide convenience to people in rainny day.

umbrella walking cane

5 Canes can also write their own name and address, so that an accident, the rescuer can contact with his family.

6 Installed with electric sounder, headache, dizziness, angina attack or fall, just press the button, you can issue a warning sound, called Smart Cane or Elderly Cane.

                      smart cane        smart cane

Seat Cane. It combines the function of the cane and chair, if tired, the cane into a chair and rest.

seat cane

The function of the cane is to increase the face that is supported during walking: to slow down the load that the lower limb or body skeleton must bear. Generally use the hand to use the cane can reduce the ipsilateral lower limbs bear the weight of 20% to 25%. Can share the patient's foot load, reduce the limb muscle weakness caused by limping phenomenon, such as degenerative arthritis patients. For patients with amputation of the knee, by means of a cane to increase the patient's load arm, can reduce the residual force between the limb and the prosthesis. Reduce the required muscle strength when walking, for peripheral vascular disease in patients, can reduce the pressure of lower limb blood circulation.

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