What kind of wheelchair does the elderly use?

- Nov 29, 2017-

Select the appropriate wheelchair in order to be good for the elderly, the elderly in the choice of wheelchair need to refer to the following aspects:

1, Pedal height

Pedals at least 5 cm from the ground. If it can be adjusted up and down the pedals, pedals can be adjusted to sit after the elderly, so that the bottom of the front thigh 4 cm do not touch the seat is appropriate.

2, Handrail height

The height of the handrail to sit after the elderly, elbow flexion 90 degrees, then add 2.5 cm is appropriate.

Handrails too high, tired shoulders easy to promote wheelchair easily lead to upper arm skin abrasions. Handrails too low, easy to promote the wheelchair easily lead to the upper arm, resulting in body dumping from the wheelchair. Long-term position in the forward leaning wheelchair, may lead to spinal deformity, chest compression, resulting in breathing difficulties.

3, Cushion

In order to make seniors feel comfortable in the wheelchair and prevent bed sores, it is best to put a cushion on the seat of a wheelchair seat, which can distribute the pressure of the buttocks. Common cushions have foam rubber and inflatable cushions. In addition, pay more attention to the permeability of the cushion, and a lot of cleaning, in order to effectively prevent bedsores.

4, Width

The wheelchair is like wearing clothes, be sure to fit the size, size appropriate for all parts of force evenly, not only comfortable, but also to prevent adverse consequences, such as secondary injury.

The elderly sit in a wheelchair with two to four centimeters of clearance between each side of the buttocks and the inside of the wheelchair. Too wide the elderly need to stretch their hands to push the wheelchair is not conducive to the elderly and the body can not maintain balance, can not pass the narrow channel. When the elderly rest, the hands can not be comfortable on the armrest. Too narrow will wear the elderly buttocks and thighs outside the skin, and is not conducive to the elderly wheelchair up and down.

5, Height

The general choice of the upper edge of the back of the elderly and the armpit difference of about 10 cm is appropriate, but should be based on the elderly trunk function status. The higher the backrest, the more stable the elderly sit. The lower the backrest, the more convenient the activities of the trunk and upper extremities. Therefore, only low-back wheelchairs are available to the elderly with good balance and less mobility problems. On the contrary, the higher the backrest, the support surface is large, will affect the physical activity.

6, Function

Wheelchair usually have ordinary wheelchairs, high-back wheelchairs, nursing wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs and other functional categories, it must first be based on the nature and extent of disability of the elderly, the overall performance status, the use of places, the selection of auxiliary functions.

High-back wheelchair is generally used for orthostatic hypotension, can not maintain 90-degree sitting position of the elderly. When the situation of orthostatic hypotension relief, should be replaced as soon as ordinary wheelchairs, so that elderly people to drive wheelchairs.

Normal upper limb function of the elderly, you can use ordinary wheelchair with pneumatic tires in the wheelchair.

Upper limb function is poor, can not drive ordinary wheelchair, wheelchair or electric wheelchair equipped with friction resistance hand wheel can be used. If the elderly hand function is poor and accompanied by mental disorders, optional light wheelchair care, help others to promote.

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