Where can you get a Lift Chair?

- Aug 03, 2018-

There are many places to purchase a lift chair, but we recommend working with a professional to determine the best type. With the wide range of sizes, features, and designs, the options can become overwhelming and you may end up with a Lift Chair that does not suit your needs adequately.

An expert can work with you to determine more than just the right color to suit your decor – he or she will ask questions such as:

  • Do you frequently eat or drink in the chair? If so, vinyl or leather upholstery may be ideal as it will be easier to clean

  • Do you have a pet that will be sitting in the chair with you? If so, you may require a wider width to accommodate both you and your furry friend

  • Will you be sleeping in your chair? If so, comfort is extremely important – some companies even offer mattresses compatible with lift chairs to maximize your comfort level through the night

  • Will you be spending extended periods of time in your Lift Chair, or will it be used only for relaxation and watching television? For limited-use, a two-position Lift Chair may be adequate. For long periods of use, a 3-position or infinite-position Lift Chair may be preferable to ensure comfort over long periods of time

  • What is your weight? Lift Chairs are designed to handle a wide range of weight thresholds, so finding one to suit your specific needs is imperative to ensure your safety while using the device

  • Do you currently have a favorite reclining chair that the Lift Chair will be replacing? If so, information about your current chair can help the specialist choose a Lift Chair with similar features to make your transition as comfortable as possible

  • How much space do you have for the Lift Chair? Some units occupy more space, while others are designed to be more compact and can be placed close to the walls to prevent them from obstructing your living area

  • Will you need the Lift Chair permanently, or only temporarily? Many companies offer Lift Chairs for rental use while recovering from a surgery or visiting a relative

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