Which elderly need a wheelchair?

- Nov 29, 2017-

1. Clear-headed, more sensitive to the elderly, you can consider using electric wheelchairs, so the most convenient travel.

2. Due to poor blood circulation diabetes or long-term sedentary wheelchair elderly, bedsores higher risk, you need to add an air cushion or latex pad in the seat, distraction pressure, so as not to sit for a long time pain or stuffy feeling.

3. Not only people who do not have mobility to wheelchairs, some stroke patients without problems, but the balance function impaired, raised his foot easily fall, in order to avoid falling fracture, head injury and other injuries, it is recommended to wheelchair .

4. Although some elderly people can walk, but due to joint pain, hemiplegia not far away, or the body weak, walked effortlessly as healthy people do exercise, breathless, this time do not refuse to accept the old, not Willing to wheelchair.

5. The elderly reaction is not sensitive to young people, coupled with the ability of the hand control is also weak, experts suggest that the best manual wheelchairs, not recommended to use electric wheelchairs. If the elderly can no longer stand, the best choice removable armchair wheelchair, caregivers do not have to pick up the elderly, you can move from the side of the wheelchair to reduce the burden.

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