- Mar 23, 2018-

Organizer: Düsseldorf Exhibition Group, Germany

Exhibition introduction:

MEDICAL FAIR INDIA was formerly known as HOSPIMEDICA INDIA and was sponsored by Düsseldorf Exhibition Group in Germany and its subsidiary in India, CIDEX Exhibition Co., Ltd. After 24 years of development, the exhibition has become a unique brand medical exhibition in India. Influencing the entire Indian medical market attracts tens of thousands of exhibitors and exhibitors each year.

The 2016 Düsseldorf (Mumbai, India) International Medical Exhibition - International Exhibition for Diagnostic, Medical Equipment and Technology has attracted 543 exhibiting companies from 20 countries and regions around the world to participate actively in the exhibition. Professional visitors are more than 10,000. .

Exhibitor scope:

Medical Devices: Rehabilitation equipment, laboratory equipment and equipment, emergency and transportation facilities, surgical equipment, nursing care equipment, etc.

Medical Technology: Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Technology, Medical Building Facilities and Technology, Medical Information and Communication Technology, etc.

Medicine: All kinds of finished drugs, medicines, medical accessories, etc.

Hospital supplies: disposable medical supplies, medical disinfection supplies, etc.

Medical articles: medical clothing and washing technology, nutritional catering equipment, medical furniture, etc.

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