Hospital Expo 2018

- Apr 02, 2018-

Exhibition introduction:

Hospital Expo is Indonesia's most professional and influential medical industry exhibition. It is jointly organized by IECA member OSI, Indonesian Medical Industry Association and Jakarta Medical Industry Association. The exhibition content categories are complete. Exhibitors and professional visitors have high quality and influence. With a history of 29 years, the exhibition has become a professional cooperation platform for suppliers and buyers in the industry and international medical manufacturing companies.

Exhibition scope:

Medical products: medical equipment and instruments, artificial limbs and rehabilitation equipment, health care products and equipment, medical consumables, rescue equipment, surgical equipment, diagnostic equipment and supplies, analysis and control, monitoring equipment, surgical equipment, preventive medical equipment, ophthalmic equipment And equipment, otolaryngology equipment, dental supplies and equipment, radiological medical equipment, medical reagents and equipment, medical institutions and laboratory technology equipment, medical information and technology exchange, hospital engineering telecommunications and data transmission equipment, medical disinfection equipment, waste treatment Equipment, cold storage equipment, ambulances and ancillary equipment, beauty equipment, medical textiles, medical building technology, medical and health services and medical publications.

Pharmaceutical products: various proprietary Chinese medicines, western medicines, new medicines, special effects medicines, various raw material medicines, chemical medicines, pharmaceutical intermediates, biopharmaceuticals Traditional medicines: Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, etc.

Pharmaceutical Equipment: Pharmaceutical production equipment and technology, pharmaceutical packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, pharmaceutical production, cleaning, disinfecting configuration systems

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