- Apr 02, 2018-

Exhibition introduction:

   The annual "HOSPITALAR 2018" is jointly organized with Germany's famous Medica exhibition. It is affiliated with the International Hospital Alliance (IHF) and was awarded the title of "Reliable Commercial Exhibition" by the US Department of Commerce in 2000. It is the most authoritative medical products exhibition in Brazil and Latin America. More than a thousand Brazilian and international exhibitors participated. During the four-day exhibition of the 24th HOSPITALAR 2017 Brazil Medical Equipment Exhibition, more than 1,200 companies from 77 different countries participated in the exhibition and attracted more than 90,000 visitors and buyers from all over the world, which was 30% higher than in 2008. The 82,000 square meters exhibition area presented the most modern technology and products. During the exhibition, US$3.2 billion transactions were successfully achieved, which was 8% more than the previous session.

    Brazil is the most shining star in South America, especially in terms of health care, and it has an unmatched potential. It is estimated that it will maintain a growth rate of 13% until 2017, so the 25th HOSPITALAR held on May 22-25, 2018 will be even more With meticulous preparations, it is expected to meet the diverse needs of the broad population of healthcare in Brazil and South America. The exhibition will present the latest information on medical technology and provide the best opportunities for manufacturers and consumers to come in close contact with each other, so as to continuously improve the quality of medical services in the light of the tight budget of the day.

Range of exhibition:

☆ Medical Devices Exhibition Area:

Hospital technical facilities and equipment; Medical clinic technology and equipment; Ward furniture and equipment; Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment; Biochemical and inspection equipment; Pharmaceutical products; Sanitary materials; Medical communication technology and equipment; Hospital integrated information technology and services

☆ Disabled Rehabilitation Technology Zone:

Nursing equipment, Nursing products, Communication technology, Mobile nursing, Nursing services, Medical technology, Orthopedic surgery, Outpatient nursing, Physical therapy, Artificial limbs, Services, Ergonomic therapy, Communication technology, Wheelchairs

☆ Medical Exhibition Area

Prescription drugs; Chinese patent medicines; western medicine; antibiotics; powder injection; infusion; tablets; ointment; capsules; various new drugs; special drugs; national protected varieties of traditional Chinese medicine; national basic medical insurance drugs; pharmaceutical raw materials; various types of intermediates; Drug reagents and vaccines; various types of biological products

☆ Dental Exhibition Area:

Oral Instruments & Equipment; Dental Medicines & Raw Materials; Latest Oral Technologies; Oral Equipment; Radiographs & Materials; Orthopedics; Oral Hygiene; Infection Control Equipment; Dental Implant Products

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