Neck Pillow For A Brief Introduction

- Dec 14, 2016-


Refers to those long in a State of fatigue of the cervical spine in the crowd-a massage pillow, pillow with massage effect of this type can be at rest, nature to simple head massage, relieve fatigue for a long time, can feel obviously comfortable, and should have some nerves, fire and so on.

Treatment type

Most adults have experience of cervical spondylopathy and insomnia, nearly 70% of adults often suffer from insomnia, which 30% of adults suffering from cervical spondylosis and intractable insomnia. According to a sample survey conducted in 2001 indicated the authorities, 35 years old and above the crowd, people often suffer from insomnia and cervical discomfort adults account for 29.83% and urban population, and 46.47% for the adult patient. In other words, one in every three adults, was a sleep disorders and in patients with cervical spondylosis. The incidence of cervical 35% of the total number of adults ... See how horrible number! Therefore, the pillow not only has a simple function requires treatment of cervical, insomnia and other symptoms of the initial function.

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