Pillow How To Choose?

- Dec 14, 2016-

Due to the cervical spine and neck chronic soft tissue injury or degeneration caused by spinal mechanical imbalance, oppression or stimulate the blood vessels, nerves and spinal cord in the neck causes head, neck, shoulder, arm, back, chest pains and other symptoms of Central, even merging of physical dysfunction, a group of clinical syndromes. Symptoms light headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, neck and shoulder pain, upper extremity numbness and weakness, tinnitus, blurred vision, chest flap, severe cases can lead to paralysis, defecation disorders, or even life-threatening. Does not include cervical spondylosis of acute traumatic cervical spine fracture and dislocation, bone tumors, etc. Factors caused and aggravate cervical spondylosis, frequently used a pillow and sleep is one of the important reasons.

For most people, 1/4~1/3 time is spent in sleep per day, so if used improperly or without the pillow pillow, easily lead to or aggravate cervical spondylosis. Conversely, if the note and adjust the cervical posture during sleep, may also have a preventive and therapeutic effects. Sleep pillow is to maintain a normal head and neck position important physiological curvature tool, this physiological curve is the extrinsic muscles of the cervical spine balance of guarantees and indispensable conditions of keeping the cervical physiological structure. If the choice of pillows and improper use undermines not only the maintenance of normal curvature of the cervical spine of the external balance, but also directly affect the volume of cervical physiological structure and local organizations. Therefore, must pay more attention to the height of the pillow.

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