Pillow Maintenance Issues

- Dec 14, 2016-

And pillow maintenance programme of traditional texts:

1, often washing pillow coat

2, dry pillows are often exposed to the Sun;

II, pillow maintenance in modern review:

1, using special Sun-bags often dry the pillow pillow (frequency > 1/2 weeks)

2, use the pillows special disinfection drying + relaxation + disinfection (frequently > 1/month)

According to expert analysis, whether sleeping, sleeping on your side, choose to maintain normal physiological curvature of the neck pillow is best:

(1) improved sleep quality, regulation of insomnia, dreaminess.

(2) improving the microcirculation, increase body immunity and disease resistance.

(3) the correction position, promotes normal bone growth, prevention of cervical spondylosis.

(4) relieving the central nervous system, analgesic, sedative and antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, detumescence.

(5) to adjust blood pressure, reduce blood fat and blood viscosity.

(6) adjust gastrointestinal function, antidiarrheal effect.

(7), antibacterial, soften blood vessels, activation of water molecules in the body.

(8) promote fat metabolism and promote healthy blood circulation, and thin.

(9) the Elimination of fatigue, activating cells, brain, anti-aging effect.

(10) the beauty care, weight loss slimming, sleep beautiful shape.

(11) speed memory, sleep good memories.

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