Space Pillow Effect

- Dec 14, 2016-

Use day pain, numbness and acid storm, stiffness, improved

Neiqiu surface and the butterfly shaped concave slot design, for human side sleep, and Yang sleep on pillow height of different needs, composite human cervical 23 degrees gold song degrees, close neck curve on cervical formed 180 ° full stereo protection, natural jade, and serpentine and the science of massage points directly role Yu neck points, like acupuncture, and like massage massage, formed on cervical of "natural traction" and "correction repair" function, quickly change blood cycle, and dredge Meridian, repair fracture fiber, feel special tight of cervical began variable pine, acid, and pain, and rose, and Linen and stiffness disappear, hot and cool neck, feeling more comfortable.

7 days neck symptoms completely alleviated, neck flexibility, not dizzy

Neck shoulder stiff, and numb, and pain symptoms gradually disappeared, neck flexible and comfortable, in using space cervical pillow Hou, 7 star natural rare serpentine on head and neck 7 big points formed micro-electric points pulse, run blood, accelerated blood cycle, cervical toxins deposition was clear, inflammation gradually disappeared, neck, and limbs and the shoulder shoulder pain acid Ma feel disappeared, activities freely, by limit feel disappeared, can free stretch arm, and turned, and activities shoulder.

30 days using Meridian smooth neck and shoulder movement, sleep well, eat well

Micro-electric points pulse and human electrostatic magnetic field each other role direct lesions parts, improved lesions parts blood cycle, and dredge Meridian, repair fracture fiber, pulp nuclear highlight real began atrophy, neural root edema began faded, cervical no longer has stiff pain, and acid Ma sense, by oppression of neural, and vascular recovery normal, headache, and dizziness, and chest stuffy, and body weak, and nausea vomiting, and dazzled tinnitus, symptoms gradually disappeared, eat have good, sleep have incense, on like for has a new neck.

Stick to completely get rid of 16 large cervical spondylosis symptoms, do not repeatedly

Cervical spondylosis with the increase of age, calcium loss year to serious, often using a pillow under the body in any position in space can be head, cervical, thoracic level, keep the vertebral arteries open.

Ensure an adequate blood supply to the brain and oxygen. Promote blood circulation and nourishes the bones of the neck cell metabolic balance, cervical spondylosis in young, up and down the stairs moving to buy food, not because of neck, shoulder, waist and feel effortless.

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