Space Pillow Introduction

- Dec 14, 2016-

Nowadays, the high incidence of cervical spondylosis, regardless of what industry you are in, avoid cervical damage and repression, has consequences for living and working. People are very clever creatures, when problems of the cervical spine, and soon developed a therapy of the cervical spine pillows, helping people recover injured cervical vertebrae, cervical occipital useful to you, really so obvious what effect.

Space cervical pillow unique structure stems from United States space Department (NASA) of hi-tech "slow back play memory cotton" products, for reduce astronaut in space flight and roundtrip Earth process in the, by bear huge of gravity pressure and development of, this material by hundreds of millions of a activity cell ball composition, once plating film forming, has temperature sense memory function, feeling comfortable, elastic soothing, and human physiological radian completely anastomosis, is a paragraph has promoting sleep, and nursing cervical, and anti-snoring of health physiotherapy function of health products. Space best velvet pillow pillowcase, very comfortable and its soft texture, get a great night's sleep without sleeping pattern, back to health at the same time, better able to protect your skin.

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