Toilet Brief Introduction

- Dec 14, 2016-

Officially known as the toilet the toilet, covered barrel is housebroken. Toilet invention was known as a great invention, it solves the laksa of human beings in and out of problems. Later evolved into the use of siphon, screw the siphon, now the latest siphon jet and Super Rotary siphon principle of the toilet bowl. Also suggested that the toilet bowl is the source of all evils, because it consumes a lot of water. Classification of the toilet a lot, have split, Siamese. With the development of science and technology, there was a lot of fancy varieties.

Depending on how the toilet accessory, and can be divided into ordinary toilet and smart toilet. Intelligent toilet can be further divided into automatic intelligent toilet and non-automatic toilets, which include automatic change and washing, automatic rinsing and drying of different kinds.

Toilet seat's history can be traced back to the Han dynasty, when toilets called nothing, the Emperor is dedicated, the legend is made of jade. Dedicated to serve the Emperor's eunuchs held, at any time convenient for the emperor. Later in the Tang dynasty, because there was a man named Hu the Emperor family, taboo, renamed son of beast or nothing girl. Later, in spread, evolved into the toilet.

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